Sunday, April 26, 2009

I had things to write about yesterday, but in a demonstration of grace

remarkable even in one of my dexterity, I managed to ram a small screwdriver into the ball of my left middle finger, grazing(as in 'tearing a small piece from') the index finger enroute. Which led to some use of words, what seemed an amazing amount of hemorrhage, and while washing the injury and letting it bleed a bit(as if I had a choice), the realization that lunch had been a while back, and various orders along the lines of "I will NOT pass out, I will NOT pass out."

Which I did not. The injury was dried, antisepticed(yes, that is a word; I just used it) and bandaged, and food was ingested. However, said middle finger is sore, the ball swollen, and it makes typing less than efficient. So the intended stuff will come later.

In the meantime, we've got solid overcast, high humidity(temp is down a bit, at least) and the threat of severe storms and or periods of heavy rain through tomorrow. Joy, joy. Rain wouldn't be bad, but the severe stuff we could do without.


Marja said...

Hope you have had your tetanus shots. Take care.

Troy said...

"I managed to ram a small screwdriver into the ball of my left middle finger"

Putting the rebound spring on one of my Smiths without the right tool did that once to me.

Firehand said...

Tetanus shot? Of course. Ah, some years back... damn, it's been a while.