Sunday, April 26, 2009

My only question for the Italians is: Why no rifles (updated)

or shotguns?
Separately Sunday, the captain of an Italian cruise ship said his security staff fought off a pirate attack in the region Saturday with pistols and a water hose.

Commander Ciro Pinto told Italian media the ensuing gunfight damaged the ship, but the 1,500 passengers were unhurt.
First off, good for the captain and crew: wish I could offer some of you a beer. Or some wine. What goes best after a hearty session of 'Repel Boarders'?

Second, a lot of cruise ships have skeet shooting available, so just add a case each of buckshot and slugs, just in case...

Third, I repeat what I once wrote: add some rifles to the ships armory, and have a lottery: "Attention all passengers: as pirates appear to be approaching, we can offer a unique opportunity for those interested. All who wish a chance at shooting pirates go to the main deck to enter the drawing for shooting positions."

Update: seems it was an Israeli security group that did the shooting. "Why no rifles?" still stands; now I want to know what pistols? I mean, something standard like 9mm, or something exotic like Desert Eagles?


Sailorcurt said...

So much for the argument that arming the crews would just "escalate the violence" and put more lives in danger...although I don't expect to see any of the statist authoritarians admitting it.

Mattexian said...

What goes best after a hearty session of 'Repel Boarders'?I'm thinking rum!