Sunday, March 29, 2009

Despite the rising cost of .22lr,

something followed me home.
S&W K22 Combat Masterpiece from what I can tell, with a set of Uncle Mike's grips instead of the original wood. Except the pictures of K22 pistols I've found show a square butt, and this one is round; otherwise seems to match up. Ribbed barrel, 5-screw, and so on. As smooth a double-action as I've ever handled, and the single-action... oh my.

The lockup is tight, the bore and chambers spotless and all seems to line up just like it should. So now I have to sit and contemplate it, and that brick of ammo, until I can get to the range with it. After reading some of Tam's comments about hers, I am looking forward to it with great anticipation.


Tam said...

SCSW3E doesn't mention anything about factory RB guns. Someone may have converted it to a round butt...


Kevin said...

Oooh! Pretty!

I've got to break down and get a S&W .22 revolver one of these days.