Thursday, April 02, 2009

Not much blogging for the next couple of days,

busy with Med-Fair stuff. Report and- hopefully- pictures later on.


James R. Rummel said...

When is Med-Fair going to be held?


Marja said...

Not commenting to your post, I just have to vent a bit: from today's local news, about a father who deliberately made several cuts to his 3 year old son's throat after a family quarrel. Guess how much he got? 5 years in prison. Looks like that didn't count as attempted murder. With the way things work here, he probably will get out a lot earlier. The child lived. The only good point for the father is that at least he took the boy to a hospital after he realized he hadn't managed to kill him. And another fun bit from the local news, there is an attempt in Ă…land (a large island between Finland and Sweden, which belongs to Finland but has mostly Swedish speaking population and is largely self-governed) to make the local police to stop carrying their guns but to keep them instead locked up inside their cars. The idea seems to be that the sight of people with guns on their hips might give bad ideas to the local youth.

Okay, feeling slightly better. Maybe I should quit reading the news. Hope you have a successful med-fair.

Firehand said...

This weekend, James.

Firehand said...

Finns? Not letting the cops carry their guns? Damn, I'd heard things had gotten weird over there.

And I have to wonder: was the 'father' by chance of the 'unassimilated immigrant population'?