Sunday, March 29, 2009

Notes from the gun show

this weekend, which I was able to go to yesterday. Dad had planned on coming up, but his area got some freezing rain during the night, then a couple of inches of snow, and the streets were pretty bad that early so he didn't make it.

1. This was the first place I'd seen .22 long rifle ammo available for a month or more; and DAMN! Bricks of Winchester were $38! Every other major brand was pretty close to that except for one ammo guy who had two bricks of Remington for $20 each. I got one, and should have grabbed both. The only stuff I'd class as 'affordable' by general standards was the Centurion made by Aguila, $18/brick.

2. I got there right after it opened, not many people. By the time a half-hour passed, lots more. By the time I left to get some lunch there was a line out the door to get in and the place was packed.

3. A guy had a Pocket Hammerless in .380, but wanted $800, which was more than I could go for it. Had some .32's also, and some parts. I'd love to see his collection, he described the stuff for sale as 'what I decided I can do without'.

4. I noticed the Winchester low-recoil 00 buck was up $2 from what it was a year ago.

5. Lots of business going on, saw fewer AR variants than last time.

6. I was hoping to get a box or two of the higher-grade .22 for testing purposes, but A: nobody had the stuff I wanted and B: I wasn't paying $15-18 for a box of .22 ammo for the really good stuff.

7. There's a company that shows up occasionally that carries nothing but brass and bullets, lots and LOTS of them; unfortunately, they weren't here. I know why; the big Tulsa show is next weekend.

8. Some of these people are flat nuts; wanting $3-400 for a SKS?

Nasty weather and all, it was a very busy show; wish I could have gone back today.

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Chad said...

I have found that prices on gunbroker are much more reasonable again, and hardly any bidders. Now would be a good time to look for bargains!