Thursday, April 02, 2009

I have to make note of Mrs. Lucas' post on the

Obamas Greeting The Queen mess. First, in comments I'd pointed out that if there'd been any question about proper protocol, there's a bunch of people in the .gov who do nothing but keep track of such things. Shortly thereafter a gent called Subotai said
First, I will agree with Firehand; there is a State Department Office of Protocol in the White House itself. They have been handling the whole gift and receptions thing for two hundred years. They know what they are doing, and the only way that the ongoing fiascos have been occurring is because Hussein Pasha has been deliberately over-ruling them. This is a series of deliberate slights, which can be compared with the grovelling he has been doing to our enemies. Make whatever assumptions you want to make about our future with that information.
Snort. Snorkle. HAHASHAHAH, Hussein Pasha. I'm going to have to remember that.

But back to business: today she has this post as followup, and it includes this from a link:
According to a person close to the situation, Obama hasn’t yet appointed a chief of protocol and his staffers, still unpacking, didn’t realize that the State Department has an entire office dedicated to foreign visits.
People, I'm a dumbass in Oklahoma with an electronic soapbox to say this from, and I KNEW THAT. This clown and his minions have been in politics for years, including a few days in the U.S. Senate, and none of them were aware of this?

It boggles the mind, truly it does.


oldblinddog said...

They knew it too. What boggles the mind is that they think we will believe the lie that they "didn't know".

BobG said...

How could Obama know about it? It wasn't on his teleprompter.

Fire said...

Well, Firehand, Obama and his ilk are amazingly ignorant.