Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You don't actually CARE about the pork in the 'stimulus' bill.

How do we know so? That lying socialist bastard(to repeat myself) Sen. Chuck Schumer(Douche-NY) says so. Insty has a link to all the contact information for Schumer, but it really doesn't matter: he doesn't give a rats ass what anybody thinks if they disagree with what he wants to do. As Uncle noted a few days back, every one of these bastards who voted to rape us- again- was getting their phones and e-mail shut down by people calling/sending and saying "NO, DAMMIT!", and they did it anyway.

One can only conclude it will take something dramatic(lynching, the many-times-mentioned tar and feathers being applied, etc.) to make these people actually realize that we mean it. Because a lot of them either don't think we do, or think it doesn't matter; by the time the next election rolls around they figure they'll have figured a way to slime their way back into office. The reason being, they keep doing it. Murtha called the people in his district racists and bigots and rednecks- using the last in the most offensive way possible- and his corrupt, lying ass is back in the House. So why should they believe that we're really mad, when enough people keep excusing them, or being bought off with other people's money, and reelecting them?

Hell, that fucking traitor Arlen Specter(Backstabbing Piece Of Crap-Reelected By Morons In PA- and thank you again for helping with that, George Bush, you bastard) was telling someone that the bill 'needed a lot more study', then said he was voting for it anyway. Which makes me wonder:
Is he just a flat friggin' moron? or
I wonder what the price is for what he counts as his integrity? Same question for Snowe and Collins.

Just ONE damn little meteor, just one, dammit.

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Dan said...

In all of this, I have been searching for some light. And, having found no light, I cracked a pretty good grin at the meteor. That ought to bring a little light. Thanks for the grin.