Sunday, February 08, 2009

Collins, Specter and Snowe:

three RINOs that need to be removed from office. And, once again, thank you George Bush, you bastard, for helping keep that piece of treacherous crap Specter in office.

As Malkin says, So, your representatives of the “most deliberative body in the world” have barely a day to digest and debate the 778-page legislative text before rushing to vote on cloture Monday evening.

As Uncle pointed out, these clowns have been getting something like 9-1 AGAINST this crap from the people they claim to represent, and they STILL do this. Every one of these people, whatever party, should be removed from office at the first opportunity. Using pitchforks if necessary.

I think it was last week Glenn Beck told of some Stupid Party representative bitching at him about the crap happening at the border and in illegal immigration, something like "I wish you'd stop talking about this, it upsets people and makes it hard for us to deal." I wish I could remember the bastard's name, unfortunately there's far too many in DC who would really like to make people stop talking about the crap they're doing and- as illustrated above- don't want to be bothered by the peasants who actually believe in the way this government is supposed to work.

There was some other moron told either Rush or Glenn, can't remember which, "Would you stop talking bad about Republicans?" To which he was reminded "I'm not a Republican, I'm a conservative; and if you don't like what I say about you, stop acting like Evil Party Lite". Which pretty much covers it. The Stupid Party members in the house held against this socialist power-grab, which is good, but the simple fact is that after all the garbage they've pulled on us in the past we cannot trust them to hold; they're going to have to PROVE to US that they can be trusted.

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Anthony said...

Ever wonder why they want the so called stimulus bill passed so quickly? The more the voting public learn about it, the more outraged they become.

I heard Barney Frankfurter, bungling pimp from Massachussets say today that the dems had the votes to pass this piece of shit, but they, no, the people wanted bi-partisan support.

Well Barney, if y'all have the votes, then PASS IT! Why do you need Republican support? If your pork laden piece of shit bill is the magic pixy dust, the panacea that will fix everything, then PASS IT, and take the credit for it.

I wouldn't worry too much about the likes of Snowe, Spectre, et. al. Everyone knows who they are, and who they bow to. After this is all over, with predictable results, the people will know for whom they should cast their votes.