Friday, February 13, 2009

Along with trying to ram his Fidel Bill(Socialism or Death!)

down our throats, President The Obama is kissing up to Syria. Freaking SYRIA. I guess he thought kissing up to Iran this soon would be seen as a Bad Thing, but figures he can slime through on Syria.

Some House Democrats are unhappy with the way things have been going:
“We will tell the Senate Democratic leadership to let the GOP filibuster,” a House leadership aide said. “The House is not going to move on what the Senate passes and give in during conference like we have been doing.

“I think we are going to need some of those [filibusters] to satisfy House Democrats that they have a voice, that they are representing their constituents and getting things done the way they were elected to do,” the aide said
Ok, if they think they don't 'have a voice', they need to talk to Pelosi; she's the Speaker. And if they think their votes for the Fidel Bill were 'doing what they were elected to do', they're morons. You'd think the 'bleeping-to-one against' phone calls and e-mails would have indicated that, but we are talking about politicians sucking up to the Fearless Leader here. They want Republicans to filibuster to prove to Democrat voters that the Dem politicians are... And apparently, from this, the Dems think shutting out Republicans from conference, etc., means the Dems are 'giving in during conference'... Amazing, isn't it?

I've been speaking of tar, feathers and ropes; this guy is moving directly to more drastic action.
It is clear by Harry Reid’s addition of an $8+ Billion light rail from Las Vegas to Los Angeles that the wish list keeps growing and there is no standard for Arlen Spektre or the RINOs in name that reign mainly from Maine to ever oppose it.
It’s pitchfork and torch time. If Congress doesn’t listen to us then it should be burnt to the ground. It would still be exponentially cheaper to rebuild than our entire economy after this legislative abomination wrecks it
So Reid added more than 8 BILLION for a light rail system between two cities. Gee, trying to buy people, Harry? The previous land deals weren't dirty enough? Damn.

And while Congress is playing "Let us spend the country into destruction for the Socialist Future", and Mexican drug gangs are kidnapping and torturing people in the US in part because the bastards in Congress don't want to upset Mexico and the illegal alien lobby by doing something about securing the border,
AUSTIN -- Texas officials are working on a plan to respond to a potential collapse of the Mexican government and the specter of thousands fleeing north in fear for their lives after recent reports indicated the country could be on the verge of chaos.

"You hope for the best, plan for the worst," Katherine Cesinger, spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Perry, said last week. "At this point, we've got a contingency plan that's in development."
El Paso Democratic state Sen. Eliot Shapleigh said El Paso is already seeing refugees from the violence in Juárez.

More than 1,600 died in the drug violence there last year, and the bloodbath continues. More than 200 people have been slain so far this year.

Nearly 50 victims of the violence in Juárez were shuttled to Thomason Hospital for treatment last year. And Shapleigh said many people from Juárez who can afford to are moving north to El Paso.

Developing a contingency plan to deal with a potential Mexican downfall makes sense, he said.

And if you don't think citizens along and near the border aren't preparing... they've already got illegals cutting fences, stealing and destroying and so forth, the thought f what would happen in an actual collapse of Mexico is scary as hell.
On the other side, But Texas could do more to help prevent a catastrophe in Mexico, he said, by working with state and local officials in that country to reinforce their governments.

While federal officials in the U.S. and Mexico often work together, Payan said, state and local leaders with firsthand knowledge of the problems often mistrust one another and fail to collaborate to deal with their mutual concerns
Gee, Texas officials have problems with trusting Mexican officials; now why might that be?

One more reason to think Specter, Snowe and Collins should be run, if not out of DC(preferable) then out of the Stupid Party on rails,
The Democratic leader pointed to the recently passed $785 billion stimulus bill that recently passed as an example of how the two parties find ways to work together.

"$785 billion was not a scientific number, but a political one," he said. "Three Republicans set that as the limit of what they would vote for."

"Several economists have said that this may not be enough. And they might be right, but this is what we could get."

Lampposts, ropes, politicians...

Screw it. I'm going to the range.

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Windy Wilson said...

I was going to say something about Rope. Tree. Politician. Some Assembly required, but on second thought these people, our elected public servants, seem just too childish to punish at the level the offense ordinarily dictates.
representatives affiliated with the majority party in BOTH houses of Congress don't feel they have a voice? They don't need a voice, they have the votes!