Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jimmy Carter on meth in the White House

Where's the rabbit?

The officials said the new Obama administration of has decided to end sanctions against Iranian government agencies or companies that aid Teheran's missile and nuclear program. The officials said Israel has been informed of the new U.S. policy.

"We were told that sanctions do not help the new U.S. policy of dialogue with Iran," an official said.

"dialogue with Iran". With a country whose government has repeatedly called for genocide. That murders our troops, and gives support to terrorists and kidnappers, torturers and murderers. That's a priority with the Obama administration, 'dialogue' with them.

And if you don't think big chunks of the money the House and Senate voted to rape out of you will go into this 'dialogue', then you're too damn stupid to be out without being on a leash.

Our 'progressive' President. You clowns who fell into the 'hope and change' bullshit, who bought into the 'he's wonderful, even though he hasn't actually done anything in his life' crap, this is what you've brought us.


Windy Wilson said...

And in other news, European Jews were criticized for failing to dialogue with Nazis and thereby contributing to the Holocaust, officials said just days after the United Nations declared V-E Day.

Dialogue with Iran indeed. Just what, pray tell, can the chickens say to Mr. Tyson, Zacky, Foster Farms or Colonel Sanders?

Firehand said...

"Me last!"?

sexy said...