Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, let's see: Pres. The Obama is a liar,

(yeah, whoda thunk it?), his friend in charge of the Dept of Education has this to recommend how well he fixed Chicago schools:
"If someone hits a student, they are going to be fired. It's very, very simple," Duncan said.

Before heading to Washington, he vowed to take action.

"Any founded allegation where an adult is hitting a child, hitting a student - they're going to be gone," Duncan said.

But that's not what happened under Duncan's watch. Of the 568 verified cases, only 24 led to termination. Records show one teacher who quote "battered students for several years" was simply given a "warning" by the Board of Education.

And another student was given "100 licks with a belt." The abuse was substantiated, but the records show the teacher was not terminated
But this miserable slug will do MUCH better now that he's in DC. Right.

Of course, that's right in keeping with the 'most ethical Congress EVAH!' that Pelosi promised. When she wasn't acting like a Soviet commissar, which seems to be her "What I want to be when I grow up" desire. By the way, just in case anybody searches,
Along with Tax-writing Tax-cheat Rangel, who's still in charge of our tax laws after the 'investigation'(to greatly misuse the word), and our Tax-Cheat Head of the Treasury.

And let us not forget the commissars wanting to shove their socialized health care down our throats by means of the 'stimulus' bill. I'll throw in again, Specter, Snowe and Collins? What did your integrity cost? Or did you just not have any left? Of course, socialized health care has worked so well in Canada...
In Ontario, Lindsay McCreith was suffering from headaches and seizures yet faced a four and a half month wait for an MRI scan in January of 2006. Deciding that the wait was untenable, Mr. McCreith did what a lot of Canadians do: He went south, and paid for an MRI scan across the border in Buffalo. The MRI revealed a malignant brain tumor.

Ontario's government system still refused to provide timely treatment, offering instead a months-long wait for surgery. In the end, Mr. McCreith returned to Buffalo and paid for surgery that may have saved his life. He's challenging Ontario's government-run monopoly health-insurance system, claiming it violates the right to life and security of the person guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

...On the other side of the country in Alberta, Bill Murray waited in pain for more than a year to see a specialist for his arthritic hip. The specialist recommended a "Birmingham" hip resurfacing surgery (a state-of-the-art procedure that gives better results than basic hip replacement) as the best medical option. But government bureaucrats determined that Mr. Murray, who was 57, was "too old" to enjoy the benefits of this procedure and said no. In the end, he was also denied the opportunity to pay for the procedure himself in Alberta. He's heading to court claiming a violation of Charter rights as well.

Ah, just the thing. If I knew how to do the rollover thing I'd just steal the picture(with credit, of course), but since I don't you'll have to go here to see President Barack Cartmann Obama.

And if Hillary Clinton didn't see this coming, then she's far more stupid than I thought. Pres. The Obama wants every position held by his buttmonkeys, and she ain't one of them.

I have a question for all five of you who read this: since so many of the slimy parasitespoliticians in DC don't seem to care what we say in calls and messages, what do YOU think it would take to get their attention? For real?


Anthony said...

What will it take? Unfortunately, I believe, a lot of pain and suffering. Enough to make the people stand up and say, "No more."

It is incredibly difficult to get qualified people to run for office to un-seat some of these bastards. I know, I tried it myself for a State Senate seat in NH. It takes a vast amount of time and money for one. Your past better be lily white and pure. Don't even think of being able to work a job, running a campaign consumes ALL of your time. I am by no means independently wealthy, I had a great network of family who supported me throughout my effort.

That is just a campaign for a seat in the state legislature. Current minimum financing for a successful run for a state senate seat would be about $20k. For a seat in the US house, probably in the millions.

This situation assures that only well heeled rich asshats who are out of touch with the day to day struggles of common folks get a chance.

There is more. Say you or I actually got elected and went to Washington to change the world. We wouldn't be beholden to lobbyists or special interests, right? Well, yeah, kind of. Most lobbyists aren't interested in a freshman legislator, but your party leadership is. Want that money and support from the RNC for your next election? You WILL vote yea on HB 1094 or whatever. Same thing for committee seats. Voting is one thing, but the committees are where the bills come from, where things get done.

What I am trying to say is, given the current culture, it is nearly impossible for an honest to God, for the people politician to get elected, much less stay in office much longer than one term.

We need a strong RNC leadership who has enough balls to actually lead, and support real Republicans with a real message. Begin with telling Sens Snowe, and Spectre and others they will have no support from the national party. Republicans in general have a good message, they just need to stick with it,and make it known. In four years from now, at the present rate, the people will be more than ready for some real change.

Remember, 48% of us opposed Obama, and in politics, 4% can swing very, very quickly. As a matter of fact, it already has, not that it does much good now. 2010 is not far away. If Republicans get their message on, I can see the Dems losing a lot of seats, especially in the house. By that time, the suffering from the bailout boondoggle will be in full swim, and Republicans in the house especially can wash their hands of the whole affair and leave the Dems to stew in their own juice.

Well, that's my .02$ worth. Sorry for the long comment...

Dan said...

Consider the likelihood that the conservative side of the nation will ever get their shit together enough to beat back the left. Conservatives are more willing to brutally engage one another over slightly differing views as to engage a liberal of any view, period. Combine that with conservatives seem to have longer term memory recall than liberals -- note how the O man and Hillary got along before the DNC. And where are they now?

Result? Conservative losses continue to mount. As the losses mount, conservatives begin to smell just like liberals. And, we are done with elections being useful tools of the citizenry...

So, it will likely take the one after Big Daddy O. It will take the next duly elected "leader of the free world" to use a national or global crisis to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and shutter congress. That ought to about get their attention.

Our only hope then... the military is here to beat back the brown shirts instead of engaged on several other continents. That and the military not siding with the brown shirts.

God help us all.