Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warning: delayed post with irritation and some bad language

This is just a flat disgusting day. Unless enough people in the Senate develop enough courage to stand on that odd thing called ‘principle’(I KNOW they’ve heard of it, though it’s probably rather strange to them), or have enough people yelling at them to get their attention, we’ll have a confessed/proven tax cheat in charge of the Treasury Department. And President Hopeychangeypants has signed an executive order to close the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. Because terrorists and murderers captured on the battlefield should get a trial under the same standards as a bank robber or mugger, or most tax cheats except those nominated to high office by President The Obama.

If anyone on Pennsylvania reads this, what the hell is wrong with you people? Not only did Murtha crap on the Marines and try to help us lose the war, he called the people in his district racists and you STILL sent him back to DC. Where he said he’d have no problem with the dirtbags(he probably identifies with them) from Guantanamo being sent to his district. And I hope that’s exactly what happens. You voted this asshole back into office, you get the terrorists in your back yard. Deal with it.

And we have all the supposed ‘Republicans’ sucking up to Obama by falling all over themselves to approve anybody he appoints, because actually doing what they’re supposed to do is just too nasty and 'partisan' for them; it would also require courage and integrity, which seems to be in damn short supply in DC.

I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning, and he had some comment about “What are you going to do about this?” Well, I’m like a lot of people; I’ve been yelling at the people in the House and Senate for all I’m worth, and on some very damned important things they do just what they do to everyone else: they ignore me. My Rep. is Mary Fallin, my senators are Coburn and Inhofe. On the Pork, Payoffs and Bribes Bailout Bill, Fallin voted against it in the House. Then the Senate put together that abortion of an end run around the Constitution, and I got a split; Inhofe voted no, Coburn yes. And then it went back to the House, and Fallin changed her vote to yes. Despite both admitting people contacting them were saying “NO!” by 9-to-1. And I immediately wrote to both of them(again) and basically asked “Why the hell did you do this?” And the answer from both, when I got it was pretty much the same: “Well, we had to do SOMETHING!” So I asked both why ‘something had to include all the pork and payoffs and bribes, that if this was indeed so vital and important couldn’t this crap have been stripped out? Answer: “Under the circumstances bla-blah-blah it was something that had to be done, and I’m sorry if you think I did wrong.”

I’m STILL pissed about that mess. When I read those justifications, if there’d been a way to throw both of them out of office RIGHT THEN, and replace them with Security Staff(House) and my daughter’s ferret(Senate), I’d have done it. And you know what makes this crap even worse? Those two are STILL better and at least 80% of the clowns and thieves and general scumbags in Congress. Which means the ‘lamppost & rope’ option just keeps looking better and better.

I’ve got a radio on, and just heard some of the questions that a bunch of major media ‘journalists’ are asking about The Anointed One, President Obama: “Does he think deficits are bad? Does he think Afghanistan can be won? Does he think- Does he believe?” on and bloody on. All questions that these slimy little excuses for reporters should have asked, and demanded answers to, at least a year ago(along with a bunch of others). But no, they had to take it easy on Obama, they just couldn’t bring themselves to treat him like a politician(God- the one they don’t believe in- forbid they actually question him like he was a member of the Stupid Party), they had to help him out in every way they could. And NOW, these bastards are sitting around with wondering expressions on their faces and asking “What does he actually think?” And they actually think we should trust them to bring us the ‘news’.

Aw, jeez… I just heard the recording of Obama announcing his executive orders. He gave the spiel about ‘for security and justice we’re closing the detention facility blah blah,”, then he actually had to ask one of his flunkies “Do we have another order about what we’re going to do with the detainees?” This jackass is signing this crap, and he doesn’t even know how many he’s signed? And what each covers? Some Evil Party speaker named Beckel(sp?) just chuckled and said something like “I imagine there’ll be some discussion and some heads will roll, I doubt this will happen again.” WHAT won’t happen again? The Anointed One not knowing what he just signed? Who’s going to get blamed for that so as not to smudge the halo over His Head? Damn, what a bunch of shit. And this is what’s in the White House. And the lawyer he’s asking “What did I just sign?” is another Clinton holdover.

And, of course, the Senate didn’t actually ask Hillary Clinton any real questions about the foreign money or anything else, in part because that jackass McCain was giving speeches that in the ‘spirit of bipartisanship’, i.e. ‘give the Evil Party what they want’, they just HAD to pass her on. Arizona, after 9/11 you should have said to hell with it and gone ahead with the recall on that bastard.

Shit. Rush just played two sound bites from Evil Party politicians on the ‘stimulus package’ infrastructure spending. Didn’t catch the first clowns name ,but the second was Chief House Tax Cheat Rangel. Both of them saying “We need quotas to make sure this money for construction doesn’t go to white construction companies, we need to make sure a lot of this goes to minorities and women.” Gee, and here I thought building a fucking bridge should be done by the most qualified company that makes the best bid; how silly of me not to know that the color and sex of who owns the company is far more important than competence.

Yes, except for Security Staff being better, this day mostly sucks.


EgregiousCharles said...

Hey, ease up on Pennsylvania! :) Nobody who reads you voted for Murtha, just as you didn't pick Obama. Besides, Murtha represents votes from one gerrymandered district, not the whole state.

geekWithA.45 said...

Concur w/ Egregious Charles. Murtha's district is noted as one of the top 20 most gerrymandered in the whole nation, which means they drew the map lines around people who would vote for a rock if that rock swore fealty to the Blue Team.

Aside from Dems castling in their strongholds, the other creeping problem PA has is a paucity of competence on the Red Team. The most experienced got their walking papers in 2006 in a voter rebellion against state legislator pay raises. The second stringers remaining are pretty marginal, and mostly concentrated on fighting rearguard actions in former positions of strength to preserve crumbling barricades . The Blue Team is well aware of the weakness in certain key populous suburban districts, and have sent their "A" team to exploit this in search of a permanent Blue majority on a statewide basis.

The PA GOP has spent the last 2 cycles on the precipice of Epic Fail.

Firehand said...

Ok, let me modify:

You! You morons in Murtha's district! YOU SUCK!