Saturday, January 24, 2009

Actually, I'd rather be writing about guns and handloading and

knives and forging and whatever else than crooked politicians and "I want to be a slave" celebrities, but the pols and celebritutes affect our lives. So we have to talk about them, and pass around what they say and do so everybody possible knows about it. Right now I'm speaking of the celebs and their oath to The Lightbringer.

I read about this mess the other day. Just flat amazing. And scary. "I pledge to be a servant to our president and all mankind." What the HELL is that? These clowns, a good many of them belittle the troops who swear to protect and defend the Constitution; they think(at least until now) that anyone who stands for the Pledge of Allegiance is a fool; but they swear 'to be a servant to our president'?!? No problem swearing to be a servant to a politician?



Sailorcurt said...

I could really use a servant.

How do I get my celebrity?

Or am I not a part of mankind?

BobG said...

First time I've ever heard an oath of fealty spoken.

Firehand said...

No, you're a Evil Member of the Triangle of Death, so you don't get no servant.

Oath of fealty... damn, you're right.

Windy Wilson said...

This oath of fealty is really dangerous, but it would violate Godwin's law to mention another group of urban, educated, progressive people who took a similar oath to support and follow their national leader in every way.

Is it out of line to think that Bush was Weimar, considering a large chunk of allegedly sane Americans considered his government to be as illegitimate as a large chunk of Germans considered the Weimar Republic to be in the 1920's? Part of what led so many Germans to seek a strongman rule was the sense that Weimar was illegitimately formed (that and nostalgia for Bismarck).