Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some interesting stuff out there, starting with GFW/Lib squealing

in New York. The governor did indeed appoint Gillibrand to the Senate seat. Which is causing lots of whining and screaming, apparently the big reason being she's got a good rating from the NRA. Which, of course, is reason enough for people like McCarthy and the Kennedys and so forth to want her to take a long walk on a short pier. Not counting keeping a Kennedy from taking her 'rightful place', which seems to mean 'getting what she wants' to the worshippers.
But as hard as she works, she will always have to wonder if she was actually Gov. Paterson's second choice. After all, until Wednesday almost everyone in the state expected the job to go to Kennedy.
Well, duh. I think she knows that Paterson would have gained points with the Kennedys & Worshippers & Sycophants, Inc., for appointing her. It would also have painted him as someone willing to give a Senate seat for personal gain, and I don't know if he was too wild about that. I have no idea of all the infighting in that state on this, but I'm sure he decided the long-term gain of Gillibrand was worth it.

...There were some high points -- President Barack Obama called in the middle of Gillibrand's speech.

Gillibrand finished her remarks before she went to the side of the stage to take the call.

"He said, 'I look forward to working with you,'" Gillibrand said
Snork. I bet he does. From what I've read he WANTED Kennedy in that chair, and he not only got someone else, it's someone who, on at least one issue, just might stand against him. I do like her priorities on this: whether she wanted to make the point that she's not at his beck & call or not, she finished what she was doing before taking the call. Which is as it should be.

Gillibrand's pro-gun stance hung over the event, but she said she was willing to work with people against gun violence.
'Hung over the event'. Translation: the nanny-state weenies are aghast that someone with such a view should be out in public, let alone in public office, and are already planning to intimidate her into changing, or getting her out of the office as soon as possible, with the Kossites already making plans. I wonder if it's occurred to them that she might be kind of popular in her district, and crapping on her might be kind of counterproductive?

Probably not. It would mean the peasants don't think like they should, and that's not acceptable.

We'll see how it goes with her. Should be interesting, if nothing else.

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