Sunday, January 18, 2009

A look into the mind of an Only One and the consequences

of an 'assault weapons' ban:
"So, if the order came down to pickup all assault weapons, would you do it?" He looked off into the distance for a minute and, then said, as if to no one in particular, "Yeah, I would." And what about his fellow officers? Would they? Now he looked at me in the face. "Yeah, they would. Some of 'em wouldn't want to, but they'd obey orders rather than lose their jobs." I nodded. "But if it came to that, wouldn't you have to pick up all the guns?"

He nodded in agreement and then said, "Look, if we're in somebody's house confiscating illegal guns, if its a firearm we're taking it." And what if the guy didn't have the assault weapon they were looking for, what if he just had a shotgun or something? "At that point, I'm taking it until he can prove that he doesn't have an illegal weapon hidden somewhere."

Take a real good look at and think about that last. No legal reason to do so, but "...if its a firearm, we're taking it." And the last sentance, "...until he can prove that he doesn't have an illegal weapon hidden somewhere."

UNTIL HE CAN PROVE HE DOESN'T HAVE SOMETHING. That's the mindset of all too many law enforcement people; forget that pesky oath to protect and uphold the Constitution, forget civil rights, forget that 'innocent until proven guilty' crap, "We will take your property and keep it until you prove to us you don't have something illegal." No mention of how you'd prove that negative, which means the bastards will have successfully stolen your property.

That is the kind of disgusting attitude that has caused so many to see LE personnel as the enemy, instead of as lawmen. And it's the attitude of far too many politicians, who'll see it as a good way of 'getting control of the situation', which translates to "This way we can get control of people." For our own good, of course.

And no place is safe. Here in Oklahoma City, a few months ago the police chief made the statement that 'we need to have registration of handguns and permits to buy'. He caught hell for it, but do you think he's changed his mind? If we've got these clowns here, there's not a city in the country that doesn't. And far too many will worry more about 'can I get in trouble for not following this order?' than about whether it's legal. Or right. And screw you if you get upset at it, because "You don't know what pressure we're under", etc.

Whether anyone likes it or not, whether you own all kinds of guns or just a couple of muzzleloaders or antiques, we are in this together.


mikeb302000 said...

Do you really think there's any possibility that the federal government will one day want to confiscate your guns? I definitely do not. I think this discussion is used by you and your friends to aggrandize your situation by painting a picture of yourselves fearlessly fighting against incredible odds, all for your principles.

What is likely is that there will be some increase in gun control laws because many people believe as I do that the greater the availability of guns there is the more problems we have as a result.

Gauge said...


You think the harder it is to get guns, the less likely it is for CRIMINALS to obtain them? You're funny. Oh, you are serious? Now I'm really laughing. Here's the thing, the ones who are creating the problems for responsible gun owners are in fact CRIMINALS. Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to obtain them NO MATTER what the gun laws are, no matter how hard it is to obtain firearms. I just bet you have GREAT faith in those signs that say "Firearms Prohibited". Look! the sign says it, that means NO ONE is going to go against that! Otherwise the SIGN will kick their ass! Surely your mind isn't that simple. You and YOUR friends would like to make it VERY hard on us to obtain weapons because of a select few who don't use firearms responsibly. It's a win-win situation for you, your friends, and the criminals.

Titan Mk6B said...

Mike, there are lots of people in the federal government that would like to confiscate all guns right now. With the democrats in control now I can see movement in this direction happening shortly. Your "I definitely do not" argument does not fly with me. One reason I push so hard for no gun laws at all is because the other side is pushing so hard for total confiscation. Kind of a fight fire with fire thing.

Anonymous said...

mike - best to go back to your kool-aid bottle. Displying rank stupidity here will only result in your getting your fweelings hurt.

Anonymous said...

Almost forgot, sh**s like your chief ARE the enemy. They just haven't pissed off the wrong
person(s) enough yet.

mikeb302000 said...

Don't worry, my feelings won't get hurt. I appreciate your comments.