Sunday, January 18, 2009

A profoundly uncomfortable conclusion

I’ve had this bouncing around my mind for a while, and after the previous post decided to put it down.

We know there are a lot of politicians who, no matter whether they personally have any like or dislike for firearms(or other arms, for that matter) like the idea of licensing/restricting/banning them, purely for purposes of control(thought they’d call it “For the public safety”). And we know there are far too many people in LE who’d have no real problem taking an illegal order to confiscate arms(either because they like the idea or they’re more worried about trouble with the brass than the legality/right or wrong of it). So the question is this:
Do you think there are politicians, on any level, who would force such an action in the hopes of causing an incident, so they’d have a bloody shirt to wave and call for a total ban?

I’ve been thinking about it the past while, and I’ve come to the very depressing conclusion that the answer is ‘yes’.

We’ve known all along, from their actions and words, that many politicians and ban-the-guns groups like the Bradys will happily dance in the blood of crime victims so they can call for such legislation. After thinking of these actions, and the urge many seem to hold to control every aspect of everyone’s lives, I think some of them would. Would Obama? Possibly; however, he’s quite likely to take the advice of(possibly orders from?) his handlers in the House & Senate, and people like Ayers. Hell we know Ayers & Co. would like to see bloodshed, they want it. Add to that the past actions of many of these career politicians…

And there’s far too many bureaucrats in positions of power in federal agencies who, if they didn’t actually work to cause such, might not do anything to avoid or prevent one; it would give them a nice trampoline to bounce on as they scream about ‘evil gun nuts’ that need to be disarmed, who killed those dedicated LE officers/Federal Agents just because they kicked in the doors in the night or in plain clothes attacked them, and by the way we need a BIG boost in our budget to deal with this so how ‘bout it?

I really, really hate this, but yes. I believe there are politicians who would be willing to, a couple might be actually eager to, take actions to cause a violent incident so they could use it to their advantage.

Do you have any idea how depressing it is to come to that conclusion?


Gauge said...

You raise a very good point. I think you might be right on that.

Anonymous said...

I recommend that you read "Uninteneded Consequences" by John Ross. Your unfortunate conclusion has been posited by quite a few people since 1968.

Anonymous said...

Matt Braken - "Enemies, Foreign and Domestic".