Saturday, January 24, 2009

Of what number does an 'arsenal' consist

The wife of a Conservative councillor told police about an arsenal of handguns he kept at his sprawling country home in revenge for having to give him £180,000 in a divorce settlement, a court has heard.
Richard Scott, prosecuting, said that Mrs Meurice, who had remained at the couple's seven bedroom house, Redbrooks Wood, in Hythe, Kent, was cleaning when she found in a cupboard at the top of a wardrobe two pouches, each one containing firearms.

They included a silver revolver, two pistols, and a spy-style "tube gun" that resembled a pen. Mrs Meurice called the police, who when they visited Meurice's new home found a CS gas canister in his loft

He's on trial for 8 counts of 'possessing illegal firearms', so in this case it seems seven firearms and a CS cannister is an 'arsenal'. Of course, this IS in (fG)Britain, so I guess it counts. I much prefer the words of Tam:
It's good to have goals. Mine is that, when they finally come after me for felony jaywalking or confuse my address with the crack house two blocks down, and in the aftermath spread all my stuff on bedsheets in the front yard, I want the kids on the intarw3bz gun boards to look at that junk-on-the-bunk display and say "Wow, that is an arsenal."

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