Friday, October 24, 2008

Looked over at Tim Blair for the first time in a while,

and found a couple of things. First, Brit police have started what amounts to a witness protection program for potential victims of honor killings:
BRITISH police will offer new identities to victims of so-called "honour" violence in a bid to combat the crime that kills one person a month.

London's Metropolitan Police said up to a dozen people were murdered annually in honour violence - defined by the police as crimes committed in a bid to protect family or communal honour.

Officers estimate a further 500 are forcibly married and then raped, attacked or falsely imprisoned
One per month dead. That they know of/admit to. In BRITAIN. And, considering the current state, I'd bet the '500' is an underestimate as well. But even with that, they just can't bring themselves to say it out loud:
Typically, women are the victims of honour violence, which has been linked to certain interpretations of religious and cultural norms.
Yeah, must be those Methodists and Church of England fanatics; couldn't possibly be any other religious group, could it?

Next, it seems loggers down below have kind of lost patience with some of their tormenters:
FOREST activists who survived a violent attack by loggers in Tasmania's old growth Upper Florentine valley will return for what they say is a make-or-break summer of protest.

Video of the two activists' ordeal showed their disabled blockade car under assault on Tuesday from a man with a sledgehammer before others kicked in its windows
They are part of a small group of protesters who on Saturday will celebrate their second year trying to halt logging in the Upper Florentine, about 120 kilometres west of Hobart
Apparently their 'celebration' won't be all the celebratory. At least, not if they set up blockades on roads.

I need to check Blair's place more often.

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