Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's GOT to be some kind of rule

Is there a rule that the Sci-Fi Channel HAS to make crap movies?

Due to circumstances watched as much as I could stand of a ‘Made for Sci-Fi Movie!’ called Pterodactyl. Let’s see,
Special Forces team that can’t shoot for shit(also generally incompetent),
Flying lizards going from hatching to big enough to carry people away(and breed) in three months,
Said lizards, except for certain scenes, virtually invulnerable to gunfire,
AND not bothered by the noise,

I mean, it was BAD.

There’s GOT to be some rule they have.


Mattexian said...

They remade a Twilight Zone episode into a full-length SciFi movie, where a Time-Travel safari hunting company accidentally changes history. (Apparently SciFi is so ashamed of it, they've taken it off their list of movies!)

Rustmeister said...

The one with Ben Kingsley? It's called "A Sound of Thunder".

It wasn't a SciFi Original, though (I know, I thought it was too).

I liked that one when I thought it was a SciFi movie, but as a "normal" movie it was so-so.

MauserMedic said...

This is why Mystery Science Theater 3000 must be revived. We have almost a generation's worth of schlock going to waste.