Thursday, October 23, 2008

Need some more information on Bill the Commie Terrorist Ayers?

Michelle Malkin pointed to this at Zombietime; scans and quotes from a book Ayers put together with his little Weather Underground terrorist friends. Including this one:

The name of the book is Prarie Fire.

Way back when, I wound up(long story) seeing a ad for a newsletter called Faeirie Fire, 'Dedicated to the Pagan Warrior tradition' as I recall. I decided to see what it was and, having access to a box at the Post Office so my home address wouldn't be involved, got a few issues. Which kind of horrified me. They want to go back to a 'village tradition', which in their world consisted of no private property other than personal tools, communal farms and so on; basically communism with their version of paganism holding it all together. Ayers & Co. would have fit right in, although he'd probably have had to have Lenin and Stalin as deities.

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