Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just as a thought,

How much trouble ARE we going to have after this election?

The weenies have been prepping the ground for a while now; consider that sorry bastard James Carville’s speech a few days ago that ‘If Obama has a lead in the polls and loses the election, it will be bad.’ Setting up excuses for the morons to riot if The Obama is denied his ascension(just one of the reasons I loathe that miserable bugger. Carville, that is). Every nutcase on Daily Kossacks and Democrat Underground is threatening violence if their selection isn’t officially selected. Question there becomes, how many of these morons will actually head out to break, burn and assault? If they’re so willing to openly commit vote fraud, what inhibitions will these clowns have against taking another step?

And let us not forget the grievance-mongers, for whom everything is an excuse to “take some of what I’m owed”. Barack Hussein I Am Owed This Obama losing the election will be prime excuse material for those parasites.

And the Nation of Islam and every islamist jerk in the world: “See! The evil white crusader Christians conspired to prevent Obama from taking his place in the world!” Etc. Think they’d have many inhibitions about staging A Summer in Paris in NYeffin’C? Or Chicago? Or Los Angeles?

And may I suggest something else to worry about: what if The Obama wins? Some of these clowns are going to take that as virtual license to riot and burn in celebration. Got a McCain/Palin sign in your yard, a sticker on your car? In some places, be ready for damage as they celebrate.

Let’s see, Evil Party members have been playing “The last two elections were stolen!” victims for years and threatening all kinds of violence; the Obama cultists are liable to take anything short of a landslide victory as evidence the eeeeviilllle right-wingers are coming after them; the professional victims and enablers will use his loss as an excuse for more demands for blackmail and ‘no justice, no peace’ demands that rioters and rapists and arsonists not be punished; and, especially considering the absolutely disgusting levels of bias and falsehood the major media have shown themselves to be willing to stoop to, you know that they’ll be making excuses for damn near anything of the kind: “Since The Obama’s victory was stolen, can you blame them?”, etc.

Few days ago I caught part of Glenn Beck’s show on CNN. Among other things, had a segment on the FBI and other agencies monitoring the internet for ‘militia’ and other groups and individuals showing upset over the current idiocy and theft going on in government; “They are looking for warning signs” and so forth*. Beck ended that with a heartfelt “PLEASE, keep things under control, don’t do anything hasty or bad”(he’s been hitting that frequently lately), which is all very nice; I wonder if he’s asked if the Obama and DU kool-aid drinkers and associates are being ‘watched for warning signs’? And, referring back to our ‘triple-layer edited and fact-checked’ media, the fact that if any of the Dummies attack people and burn things the ‘right-wing militia types’ who fight them(i.e., anyone trying to keep the bastards from burning things and beating people) are going to be portrayed as ‘vigilantes taking the law into their own hands’. In suitably breathless terms, of course, while asking why the Feds aren’t ‘cracking down on these militia people/right-wing nuts/current term for ’. Some freelance socialist breaks into a home and attacks someone and gets shot and he gets portrayed all too often as the choirboy who was ‘murdered’ by the victim NOW; what happens if the major media has co-religionists to defend? It’ll be “The fascists attacked the peaceful protesters who were expressing upset after losing the election.”

I very much hope none of this crap happens; I very much fear it will, in some places.

*Beck, referring to the people ‘keeping their eyes on’ the ‘net, asked the guy(retired FBI weenie) if the people doing the watching, considering the political climate, might let politics influence them. The weenie informed him that ‘in all my years, all the fine agents I worked with, none of them would do that’. Which, considering the crap that’s come out about FBI and ATF the last few years, makes me think he either
Worked only with paragons of virtue his career,
Is blind, or
Is lying.

I tend to go for the last two.


Mattexian said...

I've been saying this for months, that with all the hype around the Obamamessiah, whether or not he wins, there will be riots just like after any major league sports, the winners riot b/c their team won, the losers riot b/c their team lost.

Anonymous said...

Shit is going to hit the fan no matter what happens. Why? Because most of those voters are lunatics.

Anonymous said...

"Worked only with paragons of virtue his career,
Is blind, or
Is lying."

I tend to go for the last two.

You forgot the most obvious:

"Stupid as a hemlock stump."

Gerry N.