Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Front moved through this morning

accompanied by thunderstorms, then dropping temps through the day. Supposed to be about 40 for a low tonight, 30's the next few days. Yuck. I hate being cold. Kim would probably love it.

The dog's barking at something, but when she's done she'll dive into the doghouse, which has a nice, thick layer of straw to curl up in. She likes this crap, especially once the grass dries. However, every joint that gives me trouble has been a little achy; add years to injury and wear to get weather forecasting ability. Not as much as before started glucosimine; before that, about a day or so before a cold front came in my knees would get bad enough to make walking hurt at times.

So not much done outside today, some cleaning and rearranging inside. I think I'm going to clean up, have a drink and read a bit.

'Night, all.

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