Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Among the bad parts in this mess

is that some things I need to do inside I've been trying, but the 'off the feet as much as can/feet up when can' strictures really mess with it.  Kind of hard to do a lot of this when you're having to lean over your legs/move the chair/reposition/"I can't reach that, dammit!"

The dog is unhappy that I'm here but not playing much.  Happily, some scratching and brushing and such and he forgives me.  Especially as son gave him a large, tasty bone a few days ago and he still has the remnant of it to chew on.

Throw in that I'm supposed to drink a fair bit, because one of the meds causes you to pee more than normal, which also means I have to take an electrolyte supplement, so don't get too far from the bathroom, or a big cup, or something.

I shall now attempt to accomplish something more than 'just take it easy'.

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Ed said...

It’s funny he taking it easy isn’t nearly as much fun when you have no choice.