Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Standard domestic livestock kill people on a fairly regular basis,

if you forget that when dealing with non-standard, you're probably screwed.


Mikey said...

If you want to raise and maintain water buffalo try getting the Italian Buffalo variety. I've won a lot of bets telling people that real mozzarella cheese is made from water buffalo milk.

Sailorcurt said...

Water Buffalo are standard in some areas...but at any rate, this should serve as a reminder that nature is, at any given time of any given day, actively trying to kill you.

Forget that at your peril.

At least in this case, it was a farmer (and son) who had a valid reason to be near the animals. The ones that get me are the idiots trying to take selfies with wild animals and getting nonstandard holes introduced into their bodies as a result.

Firehand said...

Peter Capstick wrote about some people in Brazil needing draft animals for growing rice, and deciding to import some water buffalo. Which is not a bad idea.

Problem was, the exporter- God knows how, I cannot imagine- instead of shipping carabou, long a domesticated animal in the east- managed to catch and ship them some Asian Red Water Buffalo calves. Which hurt some handlers, and finally broke out and made themselves at home in the swamp, and did quite well. Because, as he noted, the only predator that could bother them was jaguar, and the dumbest jaguar ever born wasn't dumb enough to mess with one once they got over half-grown.