Thursday, June 24, 2021

since I'm sitting here, some of the idiocy running around out there

might at well be put together.

Why do so many leftists hate Israel in particular and Jews in general so damn much?

Speaking of...

Some parents need to sue the ass off these school boards for racial discrimination.

The EffingBI violated their own court order to seize all this, now they want to steal it?  They need slapping down HARD.

No, just because a climate model shows something doesn't mean that it's accurate.

And that's about all this I can take for now.


Phelps said...

Not sure about the leftist reasons, but we can start with the USS Liberty and run an unbroken streak all the way to the Dancing Israelis and George Soros.

They are certainly not our allies.

Firehand said...

I don't pretend the Israelis are angels without stain, I do think they're overall much preferable to the people they're facing.

Phelps said...

I don't think we have to pick a shithead to be our shithead. We can just write them all off.

John Galt said...

The Jewish population with the exception of orthodox Jews votes in excess of 90 % for liberal democrats. That has always been a puzzle to me when you consider that it is conservatives who have supported the state of Israel more than the Democrats. I have concluded that as a group these people are liberals first and Jewish a distant third. The relationship between black Americans and jewish Americans has been strained as well. Remember when Jessie Jackson referred to New York as "Hymie Town"

See the video of Eddie Murphy playing Jessie Jackson its a classic.

Phelps said...

It's actually pretty simple, and it's not what you think. They vote democrat because they hate Christians. If you have Christians, then you vote Democrat.

Stop listening to hair spray televangelists and listen to what Jewish people say and do. They hate Christ and they hate Christians.

Firehand said...

I do believe it gets a bit more complicated than that.

Phelps said...

I wish it was more complicated, but it's not. John 8:42-47. John 15:15-21,