Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How stupid has this 'I'm the wrong gender!' crap gotten?

This stupid:
Child molester gets caught again(and why the bastard wasn't in prison from the previous is a good question), decides "I'm a woman".  How?
... Ontario is one of several provinces in which no physical change is required for residents to transition sex; the applicant must simply get a note from a physician saying that they identify as different than their birth gender.
However, a born-male inmate no longer has to undergo surgery to be eligible to transfer to a women’s prison. Under a policy overhaul implemented by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, inmates with male anatomy can be placed among women based solely on their gender identity.(just in case you needed more evidence what a bleeping idiot Trudeau is)
And- surprise!-
In 2014, right around the time Harks began living as a woman, the Parole Board of Canada dropped several conditions of her supervision designed to curb the risk of sexual recidivism, including psychiatric treatment.

“Given your progress, it is reasonable and necessary to facilitate your successful reintegration into the community,” reads the 2014 decision.
Amazing, the timing, isn't it?

So, not only does this molesting asshole get repeated releases, it appears he decided to announce his gender choice and got a change in parole conditions, and now- despite
...she was accused of lashing out violently at fellow inmates who were “childlike in appearance.”- this POS is released again. 

And you'll notice the National Post is very careful to refer to him as 'she'.  Would be hate speech or something not to.

This is effing insane.

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