Monday, January 28, 2019

Know what's missing from this story?

As further reported, Judge Fufidio found that sworn testimony of arresting Rye City Police officers was not borne out by police video camera and microphone evidence, and a recording from Rose’s cell phone.

As this column pointed out, Westchester County Assistant District Attorney Kevin Jones also made a significant misrepresentation of the facts in his Affirmation in Opposition to Rose’s motions. That, along with police testimony that misstated what was documented in the arrest record transcript, made it appear that the defendant was the one playing fast and loose with the truth, instead of his accusers and the prosecutor.
Three things:
The perjury charges against the cops and the prosecutors.
The prosecutors being disbarred.
Qualified immunity being yanked from both so they'd have to pay damages out of their own pockets.

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James Pritchett said...

I wonder how long it will take him to have the rusted hunk of metal, that once was his firearm, returned. If ever. Just because he's Not Guilty is no reason for him to have a weapon. It may even have been destroyed, by "mistake", and then he'll have to sue to recover replacement $$. I predict 2024. Any other guesses?