Monday, January 28, 2019

The Brits have the same 'Elites wanting to run our lives and crap on us

every step of the way' problems.  Assuming the leadership of both parties had any brains, they'd read this and pay attention.

A: She's lying.
When Ms. Omar’s controversy erupted again this week, she went on CNN Newsroom and said, “I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish Americans,” when asked about her anti-Semitic tweet calling Israel “evil. For her bigotry, Rep. Omar was rewarded by Democratic leadership with a position on the House Foreign Affairs committee. I suppose the Jews hypnotic power didn’t work.
B: She's got lots of company.

Y'know, if these people ever step over that line and alienate most Jewish support, the Democrats will be in serious trouble.  However, that would require said Jews to decide that the left's hatred of them is more important than The Party and socialism.  Which, with an awful lot of them, will never happen.

Few days back, during the initial screaming over the 'evil Trump teens abusing sainted Native American elder!' crap, guy I know posted something about how horrible and nasty the teens were, with several people agreeing.  I'd seen something that morning, a post from someone about "This is not what it seemed at first"; hadn't really paid attention to it, but went back and took a look.  So I forwarded it to him.  Was dismissed as 'Proves the case!'

So I dug around and found several pieces on this and forwarded a couple to him, one being from the Washington Times if I recall correctly.  All dismissed as 'bullshit blog posts', and why do I only comment on his stuff if I'm 'defending white people or about guns, and do I know what that looks like?'

I gave up.  Wonder if the unpleasant fact of being played ever got through, or if he's still pushing 'evil Trump teens'?

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