Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The States and the crooks & terrorists have guns, and none of them want the commoners to have them;

good reason for lots of people to say "Screw you."
The reason why Europeans are stockpiling arms is understandable: With terrorism came a growing sense of insecurity. Soldiers may be patrolling the big streets, but they cannot be everywhere. Furthermore, terrorist attacks can happen in small towns where police aren’t on high alert, such as the Carcassone and Trèbes attack in France in March 2018, which killed five, the Normandy church attack in France in July 2016, where one person was killed, or the Würzburg train attack of July 2016 in Germany, which resulted in five people being injured with an ax.
Throw in all the other attacks that some countries make a point of not talking about whenever possible(Hello, Sweden!), and you have a bunch of people saying to each other "The cops and military probably won't be here when it happens, we need some way to fight the bastards ourselves."  With most governments(with the exception of a few, like the Czechs) trying hard to prevent them having anything.  The EUnuchs in particular flat hate the idea; the commoners are supposed to do what they're told and depend totally on the State for protection.

Sooner or later there's going to be an attack and some citizen with a non-legal gun(and there are already a LOT of them) is going to whack one or more bad guys, and the EUnuchs and national government is going to have fits and try to throw them in a cell forever, and it's going to get real sporty from there.

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