Thursday, January 17, 2019

'STEM students create dumbest smart gun ever'

Boy, did they.

This part alone demonstrates the perils of someone who has no real idea of the use of a tool trying to redesign said tool:
...It’s also equipped with a GPS and geo-fencing technology, so it can’t be fired in public places, like schools or churches. They say the technology would be built into new guns and a version would be made to be retrofitted onto existing guns.

“You still are allowed to do one bullet every 20 seconds so you still are allowed to use self-defense so it’s still going to work,” said Shahid.
Because A: Nobody ever needed to defend himself/others in a public place, and B: bad guys always fall down at one shot.  And nobody ever misses.

I'll bet Watts & Co. are kissing their ass and saying "This Will End Mass Shootings!" 

Kids, your hearts may be in the right place, but you really need to find out what the hell you're talking about before you try to tell people 'This is the fix!'


Anonymous said...

Clock Boy strike again.

Dan said...

Gun owners need to say we will happily adopt "smart gun" technology .....AFTER it has been tested for five years uninterrupted successfully by EVERY cop in America and EVERY soldier in the military. If it isn't good enough for them it isn't good enough for us. No testing by gov agents then fuck off.