Sunday, March 04, 2018

I don't think this is the European model they want us to follow

... Sellers in Bosnia and Serbia have networks in Sweden’s diaspora and are so eager to unload excess grenades, often rusted from decades in storage, that they throw them in free with the purchase of AK-47s, Mr. Appelgren said. In Sweden the street price of a hand grenade is 100 kroner, or $12.50.

And this is a fine piece of "Let's not talk about the real reasons this is happening":
Police officials are more likely to attribute gang violence to a failure of integration, citing a recent study of a Swedish street gang that found 24 percent of its members were ethnic Swedes, and 42 percent had been born in Sweden.
Whyever would there be failures to integrate in- oh, hell, I can't keep doing this.  We know the reason, THEY know it, they just still don't want to admit it outright.

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Anonymous said...

Stalin was the best example of this. When his agricultural programs failed he blamed, then killed the farmers.(holdomor) When his military "reforms" failed in the 1930's he purged the military. After WW2 he tried to purge everyone that knew about the disaster he created that led to the loss of 7 MILLION troops in 1941. He was murdered in 1953. The same things will happen in the US starting less than one year after the guns are "confiscated".