Thursday, March 08, 2018

Due to still recovering

and lack of thought, another tab clearing.

Comrade Mayor & wife took a leaf from the Clinton book: remember the 'co-Presidency'?

Mohammed bin Salman better have REAL good security; he's stayed alive this long, and it's going to take work to keep him breathing.

The islamists have to be crapping their loincloths over him.

Sheriff Asshole and a bunch of other agencies REALLY don't want the commoners to see those videos, for some reason.

Obamacare working as planned: killing off more of the non-contributors to the collective.

I strongly suspect that if this chickenshit actually thought NRA members were terrorists, he'd be a lot more careful in his words.

Speaking of actual terrorists: THEM  a lot of the media has a real soft spot for.

Meanwhile, in Australia, a boomstick might be real handy.  Assuming the lords would let the commoners have them.

Not news: this time of year, it gets warm, then cold, then warmer, cold(sometimes colder) again.  Right now it's decent, and I'd really like to get some stuff done in the back yard, but if I'm in the wind too much it starts the damned cough again.  I may try it anyway, this crap has to get done sometime.

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