Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Jeez, if this is indeed accurate,

then next time someone whines about many of the public not trusting the police, they should be slapped with a copy of this.  Because this is such bullshit...

Picking one,
Back at the precinct, as Deluca was being taken out of the car, Marrero struck him with his police baton, opening up a gash on the top of his head. Another officer said there was so much blood, they had to clean it up with a mop. It took 12 staples at the hospital to close the wound.

In a deposition, Deluca said Marrero told him “You can’t disrespect us in the street like that.” Deluca received a $398,000 settlement, of which Marrero was ordered to pay $4,000.

A year after Deluca’s arrest, Marrero and his partner held a handcuffed prisoner down while another officer stomped on the person’s head. During an internal affairs investigation, Marrero falsely denied that any officer used physical force.

All told, by 2014, the city had paid about $900,000 to settle accusations against officer Marrero.

Publicly, neither he nor the city admitted any wrongdoing.

But in secret, after an investigation into Deluca’s arrest and the stomping incident a year later, Marrero pleaded guilty to multiple department charges, including striking an individual with “no legitimate police purpose,” “making unnecessary physical contact,” and “providing inaccurate, incomplete misleading answers” to department investigators, according to the files BuzzFeed News obtained.

Yet the NYPD commissioner at the time, Ray Kelly, decided that wasn’t a reason to fire him. Instead he was put on dismissal probation and he forfeited 45 vacation days.

Marrero remains on the force today, earning almost $120,000 last year. He continues to patrol the streets, making dozens of arrests since he was found guilty by the department.

Assaults, lying under oath, tampering with evidence, with witnesses...
And getting away with it. 

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Anonymous said...

In 1895 T. Rosevelt (spell?) was appointed as the C.O.P. of the NYPD. To "clean it up". It was then considered the most corrupt PD in the world and had been so since its creation almost 100 years earlier. It still is 125 years later.