Wednesday, March 07, 2018

There is no middle ground with people who call you a crack whore

and an unfit mother because you own a gun to protect herself.

There is no middle ground with people who call the NRA terrorists or say we are like ISIS. Especially if they downplay the Pulse Shooting as an anti-gay hate crime and not an act of actual ISIS inspired terrorism. Or accepted Obama calling the San Bernardino shooting or Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence.”

These people may be a loud minority but they are driving the pop culture. We saw with Dick’s, REI, Detla, WalMart, etc, that they are willing to put politics over profits. Which should come as no surprise as the NFL and Hollywood has been doing that for over a year. Hitting them in the wallet won’t shift them anymore.

We shouldn’t have to negotiate for our rights from a bunch of people who see us as less than them. That’s the very reason the Bill of Rights exists, to protect our rights from angry mob rule.
And there you have a big part of why so much of the left hates the BoR.

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