Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Once upon a time,

when I was doing a lot more black-powder stuff, I picked up some brass tacks and decorated the stock of my rifle.  Came out nicely.

Those were good tacks, with solid brass heads.  So when I thought of doing a bit of similar work I started checking around.  Seems that I can find one size at one place that has a solid head, all the others are brass-plated.  Damn.

And no, there's none of the old ones left; at that time Tandy had them in small packages and I only bought what I needed.

This plan will probably need rethinking.


AndyJ said...

Try vandykes.com they carry restoration and renovation items. A little on the high side in price, but they have about everything

Country Boy said...

Try here. They have the usual brass looking iron, but they also have some with brass heads and steel shanks. http://www.crazycrow.com/silver-and-brass-nails-and-tacks?CatListingOffset=12&Offset=12&Per_Page=12&Sort_By=disp_order