Wednesday, January 03, 2018

John Ringo nails it

It's a Bookface post on the FBI/DoJ idiots actions, if you can go read the whole.  Here's the nut:
But the FBI/DOJ Inside the Beltway assholes could not get their heads around that.

So they decided they had to ensure that this neophyte, Danger To National Security, 'pussy-grabbing' asshole did not get elected and if he did was so damaged he couldn't do much damage.

The term here is, yes, coup. The original term was 'coup de tat', meaning 'cut to the head.' To take out the head and the rest dies. It was a coup attempt, the first that I can definitely recall in American history. (At least that was so strikingly obvious.)

The Yates/McCabe/Mueller/Page/Strozk cabal (there are others) attempted a coup de tat. And they need to be punished for that in no uncertain terms.
The same needs to happen to everyone who was even peripherally involved. If they should have known, if they might have known, if they could have known and looked the other way, they should be hurt. Taught what the term 'pain' means. 

Purge the whole damned thing with fire.

Because they've damaged, to a degree unimaginable, the peaceful transition of power that is the ONE THING the rest of the international community is amazed about with the United States.

And they have just fucked it to an amazing degree. By sheer arrogance, blind ignorance, parochialism and stupidity.

They all need to learn what pain means. This was, and I am not exaggerating this, a worse incident than 9/11.


Anonymous said...

It isn't about the coup. It was NEVER about Trump. The FBI/CIA/DOJ/state Dep. HAD to go after anyone running for federal office they didn't control. In 2008 they knowingly put an agent of an enemy government, A foreign NATIONAL in the oval office on behalf of the UN . An act of high treason. They MUST control that. Or they all hang. It's why they are so desperate to rig national elections even now. If enough honest players ever get into the federal game there wont be enough rope in the world to hang them all, and they know it.

Andrew said...

Anonymous at 11:07,

For all the barking moonbat sounding tone of your comment, I hate to actually agree about the fix in 2008. So much was known then and hidden by the powers-that-be.

Terrapod said...

Coup d'etat is the correct French, means the taking of the government by force. If that requires killing the king, then the head would have indeed been deposed. Still we get the drift.