Monday, January 01, 2018

Two scenes from the range

"Yes sir, it's a nice new AR, but you can't shoot it without sights.  Because(you moron) you can't aim it without sights."

"Sir, a front sight only doesn't cut it, you need a rear sight as well.  SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY AIM IT, that's why."

I've witnessed three of these conversations, and know of a couple of others.  For some reason a few idiots think "I just want to try it out, I'll worry about some kind of sight later" and think that's a good idea.  Which leads to us pointing out that we don't care if it's a $15 set of irons off Ebay or a $100 red dot or a $1500 Trijicon, there has to be some way of actually aiming the damn thing before you can shoot it here.

It's enough to ruin your holiday mood.


Anonymous said...

Heh, I find it amusing that there are people of that sort in another industry.
I work in the medical industry and there are a gazillion stories regarding the stupidity of man in my industry.
I can just see your face and see the wheels a'turnin' in your head regarding these humans(?)!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just one of the reasons I don't work at a public range anymore.