Friday, September 22, 2017

This is a much more polite answer than

"Because fuck you, we don't care what everyone else thinks."
The Fundamental Right is Self Ownership, Not Gun OwnershipSo, I want to admit upfront that gun ownership can not be a universal human ethic. A universal human ethic is true for all time in all cultures in all situations for all humans. And guns have been around only for 650 years or so. So, by definition, there can be no universal human ethic to “own guns”. Stating it as though there is (which unfortunately is done by both sides of the debate) is a straw-man, making the American position even harder for other cultures to understand.

Gun ownership is not a fundamental human ethic, but a derived right from a universal human ethic — the right of self-ownership.

Definitely a "Go read it all" piece


Dan said...

The problem is that intellectual concepts like self ownership is WAY above the ability of huge portions of society to comprehend. The average voter...the averge American is stupid....stupid almost beyond description. Watch ANY "man in the street" interviews such as the "Jaywalking" segment Jay Leno did when he was on TV and it becomes glaringly obvious that the average American is too stupid to be allowed out alone and unsupervised let alone have the right to vote. Yet we allow EVERYONE (including those expressly prohibited by law) a vote. As a result America as it was intended is doomed,
indeed it is already beyond salvage. The only question remaining is when things implode (and when it happens the speed of it will be breathtaking) and what will be left afterwards. We have spent more than a century thwarting Darwin....we are now reaping the reward of that folly.

Gregg said...

Arms (weapons) are the mark of a free man (human).

Randy Morton said...

The right of self ownership includes the right of self-defence. Every animal on the planet will fight for survival with every tool at its disposal. If it survives, it counts itself lucky. If it kills its attacker, it sleeps a little more soundly that night.