Saturday, September 23, 2017

Play stupid games,

Shaman Suprianto died after a suspected crocodile attack in Kutai Kartanegara, Indonesia. 

Jumping into the water, he was attempting to use his ‘powers’ to locate the body of another victim, a man called Arjuna.

If this is true, then New Orleans has the choice of telling these people to go to hell, or of the whole damn place going there.
The day before Mitch removed Robert E. Lee from Lee Circle, Suber emailed Mitch more plans to carry out. It’s so insane it needs to be printed in full:
Mr. Mayor:
The next things to do are below:
1) Remove Lee statue
2) Remove Jackson statue
3) Rename Jackson Square after black hero lke Rev, Al Sharpton
4) Increase taxes on all white-owned businesses (can be called reparations)
5) Eliminate homestead exemptions for all white-owned property

Can be accomplished through City Council – no vote is needed.
— Malcolm Suber
A fine demonstration of just why the leftists want control of the tax system: they want to use it to punish people.

Why Britain is poorer than any US state, other than Mississippi
I remember the screaming when this first came out.

Ah, the German green energy project.  Still not getting there.
Short version:
"It's expensive as hell, hurts the poor most, and we're having to burn more coal because we're closing those clean reactors."

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