Monday, September 18, 2017

I would've thought they'd want all hands there,

but apparently I'm not as smart as the Houston FD chiefs.

I keep hearing 'Get rid of Confederate statues!' people saying "Move them to a museum if people want to see that part of history"; one of the dangers of that is just how wide their definition of 'that part of history' is.
On Saturday night, the evening before Constitution Day Sunday, a member of the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) Board of Trustees released a list of schools whose names should be reconsidered because of their association with the Confederacy or dark periods in American history. James Madison High School ranked on the list, suggesting that just as America was celebrating the 230th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution, the "Father of the Constitution" would be considered too controversial for a school's name.
Bunch of Stalin wannabes who desperately want to change history to what they prefer it to have been.  And they're teaching kids this crap.

Since they are establishing new rules, there's nothing wrong with applying them to our advantage. Take the example of that drooling moron on ESPN...wait I need to be more specific. I mean that particular drooling moron who recently tweeted about how Trump is a white supremacist because reasons and stuff, and thereby drew demands that she be fired from some conservatives. Smug, dumb libs started tut-tutting that "Oh, conservatives are now for firing people when they didn't used to be." Well, yeah. See, you changed the rules. The rule used to be that you can't be fired for what you say or think. But that's not the rule anymore, thanks to you liberals. Just ask that guy who was at Mozilla or that heretic who thinks men and women are different and got fired from Google. Sure, we were against the new rule, but you used your cultural power through the media, the Democrat party, and your corporate coward allies to impose it. So we are not hypocrites for employing the rule that exists now, thanks to you. And we hope you choke on it.

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KM said...

Bunch of Stalin wannabes

I was thinking they are more along the lines of Taliban wannabes.