Thursday, June 22, 2017

Range I was at the other day was one I'd never been to before;

worth the trip.  Some skeet(it'd been a long time), and some bench work with rifles.  If I hadn't had stuff I needed to do at home, there'd have been pistol time after late lunch.

Ref the skeet: I was demonstrating my usual lack of skill at wingshooting when friend I was with handed me a Browning autoloader and said "Try this one."  Damn.  I was hitting singles and doubles with no problem, and I was thinking "Maybe I need one of these."  Then I found out what they cost...  But it'd still be nice.

Rifles, besides getting some sight adjustment done, there's this 200-yard gong.  Didn't always audibly ring when you hit it, but it was fun when it did.  Even managed to hit it a few times with a .22; no ring, but you could see the tiny splotches in the paint.  I think if the wind had been less I could've hit it a lot more.

It was damned nice to do most of the shooting for fun, instead of having a series of loads to test.  Which is what the next range session will be.

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