Friday, June 23, 2017

The 'New Normal'

At least as the SJBs would like it to be.
When we are attacked by radical Islamic terrorists, the Left whitewashes it and hand waves it away.  Nothing to see here, don’t be an Islamophobe.

When Antifa is punching people and calling them NAZIS, the Mayor of Berkeley supports them, and gives police the order not to interfere with their actions.  Then the media explains why in the age of Trump, Left Wing violence is justified.

And when there is an attempted mass murder of Republican members of Congress, the Republicans were asking for it with their support of gun rights and healthcare reform.  Maybe even a few more should be killed.

This cannot be the new normal.

The Left cannot stack the bodies high and then explain it all away.
They're damned well trying.  With a lot of the major media helping.  If it weren't for the internet...

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