Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Spent some time at a bench next to a guy sighting in a .300 WinMag

with a suppressor.

Did a wonderful job taking the sound level down to 'earplugs only will do nicely'.

Despite the screams and cries from Bloomberg, Mommies Want, and the CSGV, it's nowhere NEAR silent.

When you think that once you could buy a gun muffler at the hardware store to keep things quiet, and now it takes a lot of money and paperwork and months of time to get the permit for one.


Dan said...

Yes.....and there was a time Sears&Roebuck would mail handguns to your house and you could buy a 45 Thompson from your​ local hardware store. America was once a free country. The change to servitude started under Wilson and hit full star under FDR. We haven't been free since before my daddy was born (and I'm old).

Evan Price said...

I made the unfortunate mistake of deciding to finally buy a suppressor in July 2016 right about the time the trust rule changed. I turned my forms in to ATF shortly after the rule change went into effect. I am STILL waiting on my stamp; the check was cashed in August 2016 by ATF.

It's not just the fact that I have to have a governmental permission
slip to buy a piece of safety equipment. It's not also the fact that I have to pay $200 for the permission slip from the government.

What REALLY chaps my ass is that I have to wait months and maybe years to finally be allowed to take possession of my own property, bought and paid for at the dealer- while the government in its plodding way churns through the piles of mailbags, with absolutely no intention or desire to speed it up.

If you already have some sort of previous filing with ATF- such as a previous Form 1 or Form 4, or a FFL/C&R- shouldn't this entire transaction be as simple as a NICS check? The dealer can collect the tax on behalf of ATF and issue the stamp as long as the NFA Instant Check comes back with a Proceed.

How nice would that be?

Of course getting rid of the 1934 NFA in its entirety would be the preferred ending here but an NFA Instant Check for people who already are on file would be a real winner.

Firehand said...

This guy waited about ten months to get his tax stamp back. Which is idiotic.

Like gun control in general, this isn't about public safety or taxes, it's about CONTROL. And they don't want to lose any over us.