Sunday, June 18, 2017

Someone had a post on 'Things a Range Safety Officer sees'

which I cannot find, but I can add a couple of things:
Walk right in with a semi-auto rifle with a magazine in place, and when asked to remove the mag and lock the bolt back demonstrate that you don't know how.  People will just love watching you demonstrate this.

On a very busy day demand that you and a friend want two separate lanes. When told no say "We've been coming here for years, and today you start giving us crap?"   Because everyone likes an argument while the line behind you is building.


Unknown said...

And they want the lanes right next to each other! I run a commercial range and I've seen most of it. My response is do you want it or not. If not you go to the bottom of the list, I'll make someone else happy instead.

Larry said...

My response to shooters who pull the 'been coming here for years' excuse is, "then you should know how we operate."

A couple come to mind...

We have a private club that opens to the public a few days a week. That's how we fund the ongoing operations. We have a group of members who come early on Saturdays (when we always have a waiting list), grab a few prime lanes, set their stuff up, take a couple shots, and then go to the BBQ pit to smoke cigars and BS. For hours on end. And then they get pissy when kicked out of the lanes.

One day a very voluptuous lady came into the club to shoot. A member came into the range office to BS, noticed the beauty and said, "would you look at the tits on her!" Unfortunately, the mic used to announce range commands was still on. She slowly turned, smiled, and went back to shooting. Said member melted into the floor from embarrassment.

I had a distinguished looking gentleman absolutely melt down into a temper tantrum when the collector's grade M1 Garand he just spent a ton on 'broke' after only eight shots.

Had a mall-ninja type load the mag on his G17 backwards and then manage to get/force a round mostly chambered. His plan to unjam the gun was to insert a rod into the muzzle and beat on it with a hammer. No lights went on when I explained why this wasn't a good idea, so I asked him to clear the weapon away from club property. Never saw him again.

A pretty well-known gun rag journo regular came in to test a new hand cannon from SW. Our range has concrete block walls between the shooting stations. He came, set up his stuff and then, for some reason, suddenly packed up and left without saying goodbye, which was strange. Turns out while admiring the gun, he lit one off and put a tennis ball sized hole in the wall. Journalists are all the same: they do a drive by and let someone else clean up the mess/patch the holes...

It amazes me the amount of stuff left behind. Even guns. We have a couple that were never reclaimed and remain in the FFL's vault.