Friday, June 16, 2017

One of the things Pruitt needs to do at the EPA: fire and prosecute

every one of the lying bastards involved in the Gold King mess.  Lies, perjury, arrogance, it's all there.

This is why I’m all for the people with the chronic conditions having full control over their medications. Those of us who are sensible about it and know our limits don’t deserve to be penalized because the wannabe-Darwin-winners managed to fuck something else up, and we don’t deserve to suffer because some idiot bloody wowser is afraid someone somewhere is using that medication to have a good time.

"Oh no, I don't want to encourage violence(I do, but I won't admit it publicy) by this!"
Devine said Republican policies to take away people’s healthcare, enact voter ID laws, and oppose gun regulations are his idea of “tyrannical government.”
So, according to this Democrat,
Wanting to prevent non-citizens from voting,
Protecting the 2nd Amendment, and
Not wanting the .gov in charge of health care
is 'tyrannical'.

Not real smart, is he?

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