Monday, June 12, 2017

Being sick to death of politics, I will ask an important question:

Why is it so damned hard to find extra-high scope rings?

And why do so many places lie when they call theirs 'extra tall'?  And for that matter make it hard as hell to find out how tall they really are?


Pawpaw said...

Riser. Then mount regular scope rings.

I'm tired of politics too.

KM said...

What application? I have a 56mm scope on a Rem 700 and only used medium height rings.

If you need really high ones, search for AR height rings. Since there is no drop to the stock, they're *really* tall.
Of course those are made to mount to a rail so as PawPaw noted, a riser may be needed to provide something for them to grab.

Firehand said...

AR. I'll probably go the riser route, as the quality rings I can find that are actually tall enough... damn.