Monday, June 12, 2017

We got in some Fiocci shotgun ammo:

12 gauge, 00 buckshot, 1150fps, at a very good price.  I need to get a box of this to try out.  That's about the same velocity as the Winchester Ranger low recoil load, and I'd like to compare them on patterning.

Damn.  Just checked, can't find that they make a similar velocity load with #4 buck; that'd be a real good defense load.


Anonymous said...

This is some good stuff, I find it close to a strong 20 gauge in recoil. THere is a low recoil 12 gauge no4 buck load out there, bought a few hundred rounds sometime back. Provo partisan I think, but I am at work right now and can't remember for sure.
If you want the Fiochi load shop around 5.00 and change is way too high for a 5 roundbax.

Firehand said...

Box I saw of 00 was ten rounds