Monday, June 12, 2017

"This movie doesn't fit my demands, therefore it's against women!" Or something.

We’re told that the female lead “does nothing to challenge modern-day racist beauty standards”.  Uh, I wasn’t aware that that was a fucking requirement.  Here’s a novel concept, Diana is a fucking GREEK.  Which means she’s not black, or Indian, or Asian, or… fill in minority here.  Shit these folks complained when a woman that wasn’t Asian played the role of a ROBOT in a Movie based on a Japanese comic (in the comic the robot was very much Anglo, but it was an excuse to whine, so they took it).
She wants to know why Diana couldn’t be a woman of color, or a “fat, thick and short body type”… UH because they were trying to stay somewhat true to the legend and the comic book?  Because AMAZONS aren’t black fat short thick women? (because 1) being Greek, 2) living a Warrior culture in a subsistence economy, that is probably near the point of hunger if not starvation on a bad year, there isn’t enough food to get fat?)  DEAR GODS to the ancient Greeks and predecessors the height of pulchritude was a heavier woman, precisely because they were so rare, and if you were fat, that meant you were RICH.  She (the author of this rag) then uses the excuse that “linebackers are fat, and no one doubts their athletic ability”.
Um, linebackers are BIG; I doubt there's much fat there.  But bringing that up probably makes me a 'ist' of some kind.

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KM said...

"linebackers are fat"
Hard to argue with someone that doesn't know the difference between a lineman and a linebacker. Not because they aren't educated in the terms, it's because they don't WANT to be educated.