Thursday, June 15, 2017

Moving on to a subject that does not make me want to load up a bag, leave home,

and never come back:

A while back, on my first EBR, I had one of these sights.  It's a basic red dot, nothing fancy about it but it works.  Since it sits so low, I added one of these risers*, which made it just about the perfect height for me.

In the time since that Bushnell has gone on to another mount and firearm, and that riser was just sitting around.  I remembered it, ordered another one, and today put them on the rifle that needed a higher mount, then put a pair of Millett medium rings on, and the scope is now sitting at about the perfect height for me.  And this makes it a quick-detach mount.

I love it when things work out.

*Ref UTG, a guy who's done a lot of QC work for some pretty big companies once told me that, at least on their Pro series, their QC was as good or better than most of the others.  At least on those things, I've found it to be so.

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