Monday, April 10, 2017

'upsetting event' Right.

Not as upsetting as it's going to be before this is over.

Nice going, United.  I hope this costs the ass of everyone involved.  Including the security clowns who dragged the guy off being prosecuted for their actions.

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Dan said...

Nothing will happen to ANYONE. Overbooking by airlines is a common practice and
the courts have already granted their blessings to the practice. The fine print
when you buy a ticket states that you are NOT guaranteed a seat and the airlines
limit on responsibility is capped... Usually a refund and in some circumstances a
rebooking on another flight and a hotel room if necessary. A lawsuit for this is
doomed before it's even filed. As for the badgemonkey......"I was just following
orders" is an ironclad defense for he hired thugs in "Free Amerika".